When You Have Trouble Believing In Yourself, These 4 Positive Affirmations Will Guide You

One of the easiest things to lose in life is your self-worth. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for low self-esteem. Maybe, you fear failure, and it’s hard not to focus on all the times where that’s happened in your life. Perhaps, you’ve had no substantial support to build up your self-worth in the first place. Whether it’s a mean comment that gets you down or the fact that you cannot stop comparing yourself to other people, the smallest occurrence can equate to the hardest hit to your self-esteem.

The kicker is that it can be difficult to have a fulfilling, productive life when you don’t believe in yourself. However, this is probably not the first time you’ve been down this road. Yep— there’s been plenty of times throughout your life thus far where you’ve had some trouble overcoming an obstacle, picking yourself back up, or choosing the right path to take. And, that’s okay – and in fact, it’s to be expected.

Now, let’s say for example that you’ve hit another snag in the road and are experiencing this again. Although there are many ways to approach overcoming a life hurdle, it might be helpful to start with some positive affirmations when you take another expected hit to your self-esteem – hey, it happens.

Here are 4 phrases you can say to yourself or out-loud when a life event, someone’s behavior, or another scenario is having you feeling down on yourself:

1. You don’t have to take someone’s opinion as fact.

2. You are completely unique and perfect as you are.

3. You don’t have to succumb to your fears.

4. You are capable of pushing the restart button.

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