3 Quick Ways to Pretty Up Your Apartment Walls

Staring at the same four walls can get old fast...especially if your walls are bare. Though you might believe that apartment renting necessitates that you leave your walls clear of decoration, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we like to encourage all residents to personalize their space with unique wall art and décor! If you haven’t yet added something to your walls, here are 3 quick and easy DIY project ideas for some wall art:

Wall Art Using Paint Swatches

Want to add color to plain white walls? Paint swatches are free at any home goods store and can be arranged to create a beautifully framed masterpiece that looks straight out of a high-end boutique. All you must do is organize your paint swatches by color, arrange them in a gradient or other type of pattern, and use double-sided tape to transfer the look to a poster board. From there, you can add a mat and frame your new creation.

Gilded Treasures Using Gold Leaf

If you’re craving the Midas touch, try gold leafing! This technique allows you to turn any basic object into a gilded treasure, by applying leafing sheets with adhesive and a detail paintbrush. For a metallic look, simply locate the object you’d like to upgrade and apply leafing sheets direct to the object with a paintbrush dipped in adhesive. Go back and cover any cracks before leaving to air dry completely.

Memorable Collage Using Printed Photos

Many of us have a lot of photos taking up space in our apartment or smartphone, and little idea what to do with them. An easy way to make an impact in your apartment home, while preserving cherished memories with friends and family, is to use the photos in a mega-sized collage. Try assembling them into a fun shape, like a heart or ampersand, before applying directly to your wall with wall-safe tape.

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