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Fun Road Trip Games to Use this Summer

If you are planning a road trip this summer, you are probably searching for ideas to help pass the time for your kids. Take these activities and ideas along with those swimsuits and shorts.

Travel Games
Most board games come in travel sizes. You might check the thrift stores in your area. You can find everything from Monopoly Junior to Memory games and even an electronic Wheel of Fortune.

Find It Games
Before you go, write the letters of the alphabet on index cards. During your trip, deal them out to everyone. Search for words starting with those letters on billboards or by identifying thing out the window starting with those letters. The first one to go through all his cards is the winner.

License Plates Games
Start by joining to name all the states in the U.S. This can be harder than it seems! Keep this list handy and every time a license plate from that state is spotted, mark it off. Try to complete your list before your trip is over. Finding Alaska and Hawaii will be extra special.

Category Games
Pick a category. For example, you might choose cities, presidents, flowers, sports, or movie stars. Each player has ten seconds to name something that fits into that category. Continue playing until only one player is left. That person picks the category for the next round.

Never Ending Story
The first person begins this game by saying, “Once upon a time. . .” and then adding a sentence. The next person continues the story by adding a sentence or two. This can continue as long as you like.

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